2017 New Edition www.espana-discovery.com

"..Do you dare to dream?
Every time we widen our horizons. Contrary to what many would think, after travelling, we feel that we have much more to discover. The world seems bigger!
Once you begin to dream, there is no one to stop you. So we encourage you to overcome your fears and launch yourself! Dare to dream!"
(Xavier and Carme, lavueltaalmundo.net)

Welcome to this new edition of España Discovery.
2017 is a special year.
España Discovery turns 10 years!, ten years travelling, enjoying, photographing the world, finding fascinating people and discovering interesting and different places.

This year we have re-explored the community of Catalonia, we highlight the Delta del Ebro - coastal and interior, l'Empordà, in the far north of Girona, and new sites in the interior of Tarragona.
Gastronomy, wines, landscapes, culture, tradition and modernity.
Thank you very much for being part of this wonderful way of travelling.
Don't stop dreaming, travel! 

Remember, it is always important to say thank you and goodbye and to respect the codes of conduct.