Artajo, the sustainable olive grove next to the mill.

España Discovery actively support sustainable and green tourism. This means we make sure that our travelers reduce their environmental footprint and leave the places they visit clean and in the same state as they have found them. Our philosophy is to support local producers or farms dedicated to traditional and organic food or wines at km 0

Trujal Artajo respects the environment, they have created an eco-sustainable system that allows to live in harmony with the environment. Aceite Artajo welcomes motorhomes and campervans, they also offer guided tours and invite overnight stops at the property for 48h. maximum. Also offers tasting of extra virgin olive oil every morning at 11:00
Trujal Artajo, page 254, is member of España Discovery guide as host since 2017 and is located close to Fontellas, Navarra. GPS coordinates 42º 00' 03'', 01º33'39''W
Sustainable agriculture, the philosophy of the project
Recirculation of rainwater for irrigating the grove.
Supply just the required water employing digitally-controlled drip irrigation, in order to control fruit growth and quality.
The sustainable-system creates a suitable habitat for local fauna. There are a large number of partridges, rabbits and hares on the estate. Other wild animals include martens, badgers, foxes, a pair of golden eagles, a pair of nesting owls, and some other smaller birds of prey (kestrels, kites).
Tours and times:

  • Tasting of Artajo varieties (with bread)
  • Tour of the estate and plantation
  • Tour of the oil mill
  • Tour of the oil warehouse
  • 'Beginners' Extra Virgin Olive Oil tasting course

Times: 11:00 every Saturday from September to June.
Advance booking required at
Phone +34 948 386 22, +34 626 353 885 or +34 680432540

Motorhomers/Campervan & Code of Conduct

  • Register on the website: if you want to do the free tour, check it in the registration form. You will receive a confirmation email with a code to open and close the door, if you don't receive it, contact us at the following numbers: +34 948 386 225 / +34 626 353 885 or +34 680432 540.
  • Park your motorhome in the indicated zone by order of arrival, leaving the path free.
  • The maximum parking time is 48H.
  • You can use the waste water discharge areas, and fill your tap water tank at the same point marked on the map and shown on the spot.
  • You can use the chemical toilet discharge at the point enabled for that purpose marked on the map.
  • Keep the place clean.
  • Fire is not permitted in the area.
  • Camping items and furniture are not allowed.
  • Washing or repairing vehicles in the area is not allowed.
  • Be respectful of the environment, facilities and other users. If you have small children, remember that you are in a production/farming area and not in a playground. Trujal Artajo will not be responsible for any damage or accident that occurr during your stay.
  • Pets should always be tied up and do not forget to pick up their droppings.
  • Respect and don't be noisy. Electric generators are not allowed
  • For any question go to our shop in the following hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 13:30 and Saturdays from 10:00‐13:00 or you can contact the Trujal at +34 626 353 885 or +34 680432540.
  • This is not a monitored area, so Trujal artajo is not responsible for any incidents.
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  • For any suggestion send an email to or

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