Valdecuevas Winery, Wines of Rueda by Duero River..

Valdecuevas Winery is located in the heart of Castilla y León, part of the DO Rueda (Appellation of Origin). To explore along the left bank of the Duero River, and taste their Verdejo white wines, an autochthonous variety, is a very attractive plan.
In the area it is possible to visit ancient Mudejar temples, convents and monasteries as well as castles and fortresses such as the Castillo de la Mota in Medina del Campo. These demonstrate the political importance of this region in previous eras, especially in the reign of Isabel La Católica.
Visit Tordesillas, a traditional village, full of history, art and tradition.

Follow the “Camino de la Reina Isabel La Católica” and walk the path of Juana La Loca. You will be surprised.
If you like nature, visit Castronuño circled by the Duero River. The Riberas de Castronuño were declared a natural reserve in 2002 for being a breeding and refuge place for a great variety of bird species some of them threatened such as the imperial heron or the marsh harrier.
Gastronomic attractions of the area/region:
Tasting Rueda's white wines justify their success with the native variety of grape “Verdejo”. The strong winemaking tradition that can be seen today in the extensive vineyards that cover the landscape.
Rabbit roasted on the coals of dry vine shoots or holm oak, a typical product of the area prepared in a simple and natural way. You can feel the flavours of the best products of Castilla y León.
Do not miss the suckling lamb or suckling pig both roasted in a wood-fired oven, lentils from La Armuñas, chickpeas from Fuentesaúco or the autumnal mushrooms. 
Taste the selection of cow´s milk cheeses, curds or cottage cheese, both natural and tasty. The traditional pastries will also sweeten the trip.

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Recommend make an appointment +34 648 967 934 
GPS: 41º23'37''N, 04º58'51''W
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Almazara Pago de Valdecuevas, E L  A L M A  E N  C A D A  F R U T O
"Know first-hand the process of making extra virgin olive oil"
The olive-oli mill located on the farm is newly built and equipped with modern production systems, the goal is to reduce manufacturing times and improve product quality.
Tourist activities of the area/region:
Medina de Rioseco is one of the most attractive areas for rural tourism because of its history, art, traditions and surroundings. A good idea is to take a boat ride on the Canal de Castilla, visit the different churches of Medina de Rioseco. A visit during Holy Week is recommended, which is declared of “International Tourist Interest”.
Gastronomy of the area / region:
A highlight is the extra virgin olive oil, which is one of the best in the world. The traditional menu is the "cocido castellano", garlic soups, chickpeas or the "ratatouille castellano". The confectionery is the jewel of gastronomy of Rioseco.

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Availability of overnight and water services on the spot
Recommended appointment +34 618 462 054 
GPS: 41º52'53''N, 05º00'24''W
Valdecuevas Group:

Useful information for motorhomes and campervans:
Service Areas of refilling waters and emptying chemical wc-which appear on the map Áreas de España and goes with the España Discovery:
Tordecillas: 41º29'43''N, 5º00'19W
Alaejos: 41º18'11''N, 5º13'07''W
Castronuño: 41º23'19 '', 5º16'15''W
Olmedo: 41º17'30 '', 4º40'55''W
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