Campervans and the World’s Top Food Experience, Txotx and Pintxos in San Sebastián.

Near to the French border, Ola Sagardotegia (restaurant and cider house) in Irun Guipuzcoa, between January and April you can enjoy the traditional Basque cider pouring. Park at the site indicated in the España Discovery guide, page 281, GPS 43º19'22''N, 01º46'33''W.
Ola Sagardotrgia or Sidrería Ola is located in a 13th century forge, known as Arantzateko Burniola. It was rehabilitated to transform it into the current cider house and traditional restaurant. "It worth seeing the spectacular original walls, which have been preserved to this day."
The parking is located in the middle of the nature, in the Natural Park of Aiako Harria or Peñas de Aia".
Photo: Ola Sagardotegia
Photo: España Discovery
The “Txotx” is a social, cultural and tourist event where you can drink cider and enjoy a magnificent traditional menu. While customers eat, the cider master shouts "Txotx" and opens a small tap in the barrel. The guests, with a glass in hand, place themselves in a queue and wait for their cider. This ritual is repeated as many times as you want or can.
Photo: Ola Sagardotegia
Photo: Ola Sagardotegia
San Sebastián
Parking in Illumbe motorhome service area, GPS 43º17'52''N, 1º58'18''W, next to Donosti Arena. Get the bus nº28 that leads to the Boulevard Zumardia that will be the starting point of the Pintxos route. The frequency of this bus is 6 minutes and it takes approximately 20 minutes to destination.
Photo: España Discovery
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The gastronomic richness of San Sebastián and the Basque Country.
San Sebastián is the capital of the province of Guipuzcoa. It is a great tourist destination, very attractive to visit for motorhomes and campers!
Two motorhome service and overnight areas, and an efficient public transport service, make it a very accessible city for travellers in campervans. History, natural surroundings, gastronomy and beautiful beaches make San Sebastián much more than its historical centre.
However, we cannot talk about San Sebastián without mentioning those small exceptional culinary creations called Pintxos that have crossed borders.
Photo: Basque Tourism
Lonely Planet - Ultimate Eatlist - and "The world’s top food experiences ranked"
The prestigious Lonely Planet publication, Ultimate Eatlist (500 universal culinary experiences) has named the San Sebastian bar and pintxos route as "The best culinary experience in the world". Ultimate Eatlist scores "The 500 best dishes to eat on the planet ... ranked" based on the opinion of expert inspectors (chefs, editors or critics), under subjective and objective criteria, taste and culture.
Photo: San Sebastian Tourism
According to "Ultimate Eatlist
"If there’s a better way to explore a culture’s cuisine than pintxos in San Sebastián, we’ll eat our shorts. The tiny bites (known as tapas outside of Basque Spain) are best consumed with an accompanying drink, seeing as you’ll be taking this particular culinary journey as a bar-hopping escapade through the streets of San Sebastián. Beginning their existence as small open sandwiches, pintxos can be experienced in many incarnations, from the traditional, piled-high toppings on bread, to molecular gastronomy renditions with flavours that defy what you see. Needless to say, almost every local ingredient is represented. It’s hard to list favourites, but the simple examples are often the ones that blow your mind – battered white asparagus, a tuna and anchovy tart or maybe mushrooms braised with garlic. To get the full pintxos and San Sebastián experience, have a lazy day in the city and surrounds, take an afternoon nap, and then head out around 9pm. You’ll never be more than a few minutes from your next bar, a whole new menu of tasty treats, and a whole new group of people eating and drinking – just follow their leads."

It's all said, take your motorhome or campervan and come to Spain …
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