El Riu Restaurant and Historic Vehicle Museum of Guadalest: Get to know España Discovery hosts better

Hidden in a corner of the Guadalest Valley there is a secret for all of Europe’s camper tourists. Strategically placed in the Bética mountain range, inland but close enough to Altea or Benidorm, surrounded by nature and trekking paths, amazing for open air sports and traditional culinary delights. This zone of Levante has weather patterns that allow for the harvest of several products that have strengthened the circular economy of local communities for a long time now. In this place you can find “El Riu”, an unmissable stopover included in the España Discovery guide. 

If you are heading to the medieval town of Guadalest in your Motorhome or Campervan and have a craving for perfectly barbequed beef grilled over burning wood, or a traditional mountain meal of Alicante, like meat broth with meatballs,  or a pot of blat with a quality wine, you have to write down the location of “El Rui” Restaurant. The hosts of this España Discovery 2023 stopover have prepared an interesting and new experience for you. On top of tasting traditional foods, you can see the Historic Vehicle Museum and buy traditional, local products of “El Riu” complex park’s Kiosk.

Grilled beef, traditional dishes and homemade desserts are the perfect combination to begin your journey through “El Riu”. You can also learn about the history of the complex, its owners, the workers, and taste the family recipes that since 1979 have brought the best parts of the Alicante mountains, including beekeeping and agriculture, to you. Would you like to eat a medlar cheesecake? Did you know that medlars are a symbol of the Guadalest valley?
It is time to talk about the second great attraction of this stop, the Historic Vechicle Museum of Guadalest. Ricardo Fracés, alongside his wife and brother founded this restaurant and, thanks to their first few earnings, had the idea of building a space to collect motorbikes and classic cars. This was Fracés’ passion, held dear since early childhood and that eventually motivated him to visit, several years, the most important automobile fairs of Spain in his search for forgotten treasures. Today this collection museum is the only one of its type in the area, and it is holds at least 140 motorbikes, several mini-cars and is visited by tourists from all over the world.
To finish the tour we’ll tell you about the main Kiosk. In the restaurant’s market stall you can find many exclusive products that come directly from nearby fields and fincas. The catalogue includes honey and its derivatives (Such as royal jelly, creams, soap, even pollen), wines, artisanal hams and sausages, cheese, nuts and berries, medlars, oranges, lemons, and extra virgin olive oil, all of which come from local cooperative farms. On top of that you can buy ceramics and earthenware made with white ceramics from Agost, a nearby town.

The best part of all this is that you can enjoy this place, park freely on your motorhomes or campervans for up to 24 hours, and then take all the necessary food to continue your journey, or as a gift for your friends and family. Don’t miss out on visiting “El Riu” Restaurant, its Kiosk and Museum! Its hosts are waiting for your arrival!

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