The España Discovery 2024 guide: The connection between agri-food producers and travelers in motorhomes and campervans

Sounds exciting! Traveling by motorhome or camper in Europe offers a unique experience, as it allows you to explore places in a more flexible and sustainable way. Moreover, the idea of combining tourism aboard campervans with the discovery of Spain's gastronomic diversity is simply tempting. Spain is a country rich in culture, natural landscapes and an age-old tradition of quality food production. The España Discovery 2024 guide provides information on parking and overnight stays throughout the country and proposes an interesting way to connect travelers aboard motorhomes with local artisans in various industries, thus encouraging sustainability and promoting responsible tourism. The sustainable economy consists of ensuring the survival of traditional practices through their support and dissemination, which is nourished by the relationship between travellers and hosts at every moment. It also promotes production methods that harmonise with the environment while respecting its cycl

Der Reiseführer España Discovery 2024: Die Verbindung zwischen landwirtschaftlichen Erzeugern und Reisenden in Wohnmobilen und campers

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