Five Days. Cava, Calçots, El Penedés & Sitges I España Discovery I

Photo: Eudald Massana Noya Organic Viticulture
Day 1. Starting point: Vilafranca del Penedés motorhome service area GPS 41º20'25''N, 01º41'29''E. Well located in a commercial area with supermarkets, petrol stations and fast food. Easy to be ready to start the route through the El Penedés and its famous cellars of cava (spanish champagne) and wine.
Photo: Enoturisme Penedès
What is a Celler? "Celler is a word belonging to the Catalan language, which means cellar. The typical Catalan Masía (farmhouse) used to have their own cellar, situated underground in a cool and dark place in which they kept not only wine or cava but also other foods, such as oil, sausages or jams."
Photo: Parés Baltà Wineries
Photo: Parés Baltà Wineries
Day 2. Start the route in Parés Baltà Winery, page 83 of the guide España Discovery, GPS 41º22'09''N, 01º39'21''E, the visit must be booked in advance. Parés Baltà is a 100% family winery whose origins date back to 1790. It is a winery with a long tradition but with young and modern ideas, this is the reason why they love to receive visits from travelers on board motorhomes and campervans. As hosts of the España Discovery guide it is possible to spend the night in this cellar. The visit and tasting are very pleasant, Josep and Joan -the hosts- are always kindly ready to answer all the questions.
Photo: Giró del Gorner 
Drive to the overnight point of the second day, Giró del Gorner, España Discovery guide GPS 41º24'05''N, 01º43'11''E. It is a winery with a lovely family history. "For years the farm was a place of passage, it was common for the stagecoaches to stop to refresh the horses and rest the travelers. This feeling of welcome has lasted for years until today. Until the nineteenth century the agricultural production of the the Estate was made up of cereals, olive trees, fruit trees and vineyards. Between 1887 and 1896 the great-grandfather of the current winegrower, Antonio Giró i Lloret had to face the phylloxera (plague that came from the vineyards of France) which devastated all the vineyards of southern Europe. This estate was no exception, Antonio did not let himself be overcome and replanted all the infected vines to continue making wines. Only the phylloxera (1887-1896) and the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) interrupted the production. Gabriel, Òscar and Marta Giró are the current soul of Giró del Gorner. Enjoy the animated talk and taste the fantastic Cava. Overnight on the spot.
Photo: Cava Guilera
Photo: Cava Guilera
Day 3. Two wineries for today,  first stage of the day, Cava GuileraEspaña Discovery guide GPS 41º23'55''N, 01º46'13''E. Pere and Marta Guilera, father and daughter are the spirit of this celler and have been pioneers in hosting motorhomes and campervans on their property in the El Penedés area. They began receiving visitors on board motorhomes and campervans in 2004/2005. They are very friendly, it is very easy to connect to them. In their words "At Cava Guilera we believe in the harmony of everything, which is why we carry out the visits in small-format experiences, drink Cava, relax and have a good time. Not necessary book, from Tuesday to Saturday (10 am - 6 pm) Sundays and holidays (10 am - 2 pm) Enjoy our little terraces among the vineyards! " Good talk, try and buy some cava and continue route to the second stage of the day.
Photo: Eudald Massana Noya Organic Viticulture
Eudald Massana Noya / Organic Viticulture, España Discovery guide GPS 41º22'52''N, 01º46'51''EEudald will welcome you and show his organic vineyards, he will tell about his family of farmers / vintners, about biodynamic and natural fertilizers and about grapes varieties: Macabeo, Xarel-lo and Parellada.  Avi Ton (grandfather Ton) who inherits the name one of the best wines of Eudald.
"It is a story of 9 generations dedicated to the vineyard. Farmers who have worked the land since the eighteenth century.  According to documents of the Monastery of Sant Sebastià dels Gorgs, where they paid their tributes, the Massana family has been linked to the culture of Mediterranean farming for centuries, the vineyard, and cultivating corn, peach and other fruits. Eudald Massana dreamed of making the best wine after 9 generations, currently this is a reality" Overnight on the spot.

Day 4. Sitges!! In Sitges there are there are two parking options and one service area. Public area with services, and parking without services closer to the beach and restaurants. Public motorhome service area GPS 41º15'02 "N, 1º48'50''E. Parking in Sitges GPS 41º14'07''N, 1º47'28''E. Have a gastronomic experience at Can Laury Peix -seafood and grilled fish- accompanied with dry white wine from El Penedes. Spend the night in the parking or the area.
Photo: Enoturisme Penedès
Day 5. Calçotada en Restaurant La Masía Cavas Canals & Domingo in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia.
What is a Calçotada?
''A Calçotada is a gastronomic festival typical of the western region of Catalonia (Spain); originally from Valls, in the región of Alto Campo (province of Tarragona), in recent decades it has spread and can be eaten and enjoyed almost anywhere in Catalonia during the end of winter and early spring.
Photo: Enoturisme Penedès
The calçots are a variety of onion specially cultivated for this purpose, are roasted directly on the flames of vine dry branches and eaten by hand seasoned with a special sauce -the salvitxada- similar to the romesco. Meanwhile, embers are used to roast meats or sausages for the second dish.

That's all folks, after these great 5 days, it's time to go back to the real world.

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