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ALBAIDA VALLEY (Interior of Gandía)
"Al Baida is an Arabic toponym that means "the white one" and refers to the color of its lands.
The Valley is surrounded by mountains such as Serra Grossa, Serra de la solana, Serra dÁgullent, Cova Alta and Benicadell
Its limestone lands, its rivers, fountains and springs, give this valley a freshness and incomparable characteristics to cultivate our vineyards and produce high quality wines."

The very orientation of these mountains conditions the climate of Vall d'Albaida, since it channels the winds from the sea, which explains the frequent rainfall in some areas and the snowfall on the peaks.
The moisture-laden east wind rises sharply when reaching the mountains and this causes a drop in temperature in winter.
All these natural characteristics of the soil, together with the very ideal climatic conditions, of cold winters and hot summers, with rainfall in autumn and spring, allow a correct development and an extraordinary ripening of the grapes.

Three experiences for España Discovery travellers:

From the nursery to the bottle
Get to know first-hand the complete cycle of the vine, starting with Viveros (Nursery) La Casa de las Vides and ending with the winery.
Come and enjoy and learn about the complete cycle of the vine by the hand of one of the families with the most experience in the entire cycle of the vine.
You will begin the visit by touring the vineyards and observing how the vine grafts are made from the nursery. We will end up entering the facilities of the New Winery that houses the latest technologies for winemaking and finally we will carry out a tasting of 3 wines with an explanation from our oenologist and paired with sausage and traditional local cheese.

Tasting among vineyards at sunset
Come and enjoy a unique sunset among vineyards paired with wines from La Casa de las Vides.
We will begin the visit by visiting the vineyards that surround the winery and explaining the different peculiarities of each variety until we reach our Merlot variety vineyard where we will taste 3 wines paired with traditional sausages of the area and prepared for the occasion.

Visit winery with tasting
During the visits, you will be able to learn about the entire wine-making process.
First, you will visit the surroundings of the estate, then we will delve into history, visiting one of the old wineries and appreciating the traditional methods of wine-making. 

Contact the friendly hosts of La Casa de las Vides via email here and arrange a visit. Remember that you can PARK your motorhome or campervan and spend the night in the private parking of the winery in a safe and friendly environment
Don't forget to say HELLO AND THANK YOU! and buy some of the products offered by our friendly hosts to say thanks and bye.
Never forget the GOLDEN RULES and always carry and show the hosts a copy of the CURREN VERSION of the ESPAÑA Discovery guide - which is your identification.

Photos: Bodega La Casa de las Vides

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