España Discovery Guide: Adorable Stopovers you can't miss visiting Spain

What is a Celler? "Celler is a word belonging to the Catalan language, which means cellar. The typical Catalan Masía (farmhouse) used to have their own cellar, situated underground in a cool and dark place in which they kept not only wine or cava but also other foods, such as oil, sausages or jams."
Giró del Gorner, España Discovery guide GPS 41º24'05''N, 01º43'11''E. It is a winery with a lovely family history. "For years the farm was a place of passage, it was common for the stagecoaches to stop to refresh the horses and rest the travelers. This feeling of welcome has lasted for years until today. Until the nineteenth century the agricultural production of the the Estate was made up of cereals, olive trees, fruit trees and vineyards
Between 1887 and 1896 the great-grandfather of the current winegrower, Antonio Giró i Lloret had to deal with a big problem: the phylloxera (plague that came from the vineyards of France) which devastated all the vineyards of southern Europe. This estate was no exception, Antonio did not let himself be overcome and replanted all the infected vines to continue making wines. Only the phylloxera (1887-1896) and the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) interrupted the production”. 
Gabriel and Marta Giró are the current soul of Giró del Gorner. Enjoy the animated talk and taste the fantastic Cava. Overnight on the spot showing you Espana Discovery guide.
Please contact Marta or Gabriel in advance here: Giró del Gorner