The Espana Discovery "Golden Rules" that you need to know to travel through Spain

Once you’ve acquired your very own up to date España Discovery guide you immediately become invited travelers, which allows you to park for up to 24 hours in any of our hosts’ stopover. Motorhome and campervan users must accept and follow this code of conduct:

1. Upon arrival at the chosen location, show the host the current year's España Discovery guide. The hosts, for security reasons, will only allow overnight stays on their property to identified members carrying the guidebook (showing the current edition of the book).

2. Arrive at the chosen site at a reasonable time. Visitors will not be welcome in the middle of the night. Some sites have gates that will be closed at night.

3. Every campervan user is not a paying customer but a guest. Be kind, polite and thankful to your host when you leave.

4. In order not to disturb the work of the host, please park only in the areas indicated by them.

5. Before starting your trip make sure that your clean water tanks are full and all waste tanks are empty and working properly. Not every ESPAÑA Discovery host provides facilities or emptying service for motorhomes or campervans.

6. Never light fires or barbecues.

7. Do not use toilets, water taps or drains without the host's permission

8. If you have young children remember that the sites are vineyards or working farms, not playgrounds. Please be careful.

9. If you have a pet, please ask the host for permission before letting it off the leash.

10. The hosts of España Discovery do not charge for overnight stays, do not expect the facilities to be those provided by a campground.

11. Sometimes, due to personal circumstances, a host will not be able to receive visitors. It is always possible to find a farm, an alternative vineyard or an area not too far away.

12. Common sense and courtesy are important. Please accept the restrictions imposed. The hosts of España Discovery do not provide the service of a campsite.

Following these common sense rules, we guarantee you’ll live through new experiences where you’ll widen your community circle, taste traditional luxury prodycts, buy gifts for your friends, family and much more. Adventure awaits!

For more information about the España Discovery scheme, please click HERE