What is España Discovery and what you should know about it?

It was during a journey through France in the summer of 2006, that the idea of the España Discovery guide started forming. Learning from the France Passion guide was the way it began. Taking inspiration, reworking the scheme and adapting it to Spain. sharing this way of traveling with others became the objective, the mission. 

Traveling through Spain was how this work developed; gathering information to produce a specialized travel guide for those who wished to experience new sensations far from the exhausting rhythm of big cities and crowded campings. 

Exquisite food, exclusive wine tasting, singular traditions and cultures, traditional celebrations, homely hosts, and the freedom to create your own sustainable tourism route for campers and motorhomes. Discover spain from inside, and at your own pace.

España Discovery’s foundation is the book. Versatile, easy to use and with over 200 stops spread over most of the spanish territory. How to use it? Easy enough, once you have it you can access dozens of cellars, olive oil mills, farms and traditional restaurants all over Spain.

The only thing a user needs to do to take advantage of the information in the España Discovery guide is to show the current year’s guide to the host, this way they guarantee knowing the Golden Rules.

This 2023 we have pioneered an ID system based on personalized QR Codes for every stop that should allow users to arrive at their stops easily and fast. The QR code also allows access to the general stops map -using Google Maps- and navigate to their chosen destination directly.

Each and every one of your our hosts has something to offer, and the best way to thank them for their hospitality is to buy their products. We cordially invite you to know and enjoy this wonderful way to travel through the iberian peninsula, a place where you’ll find thousands of stories, surprises, dreamlike sceneries, unforgettable experiences adn all the kindness of our hosts, that are waiting for you.

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