Bodegas Hispano + Suizas: Get to know the hosts of España Discovery

In the city of Requena, Valencia, you can find a cellar that stands out for producing premium quality wines via 3 key bases: traditional viticulture, innovative oenology, and smart exports. We invite you to learn about Bodegas Hispano + Suizas, an España Discovery stopover that offers a world-level wine culture experience, exclusively for Discoverers -motorhome and campervan travellers carrying the up-to-date España Discovery guide-. 
You can also enjoy wine related tourism and gastronomic activities that the hosts have prepared for you, and taste the best wine varieties of the cellar, while you rest in your Motorhome, or stay in the exclusive boutique-hotel, surrounded by the vineyards.

Marc Grin, Pablo Ossorio and Rafael Navarro are the team that currently leads Hispano + Suizas and, between the 3 of them have a lot of experience when it comes to agricultural production, wine culture, and corporative level sales. This triumvirate started sharing ideas and skills over countless gatherings and meetings, where they joined the dream of creating elegant, fresh and delicious wines: From the choosing of the strain to the labelling of the bottle.
Despite the fact that creating signature wine is along and difficult path, Rafael, Pablo and Marc designed their own strategy that allowed them to extract the richness of the soil, the mediterranean climate and then meticulously select the fruit to make high quality wine at an affordable price. Bodegas Hispano + Suizas are included in the Utiel-Requena Protected Denomination of Origin (PDO)

“A good wine must come out of the bottle as if it was a symphony in which every instrument has its place and moment”. This is the philosophy that encompasses the soul of Bodegas Hispano + Suizas, that’s why some of their most notable varieties have names related to concepts used in classical music. Would you like to taste an “Impromptu Magnum de Guarda”, ideal to consume alongside shellfish, fish, cheese or white meat?

In this stopover included in the 2023 España Discovery guide you can also live some exceptional activities: If you’d like a good time, we’d recommend spending a “night among the vineyards” (a stay in the hotel rooms) and at the same time go through a “wine culture experience” (where you’ll learn about the secrets of wine elaboration) or enjoy a “gastro-oenological experience” (luxurious food in a private room). Don’t miss out on this great cellar, and take some delicious wine home with you!

Remember that if you show a copy of ED guide you can park and stay overnight for up to 24 hours in this stopover. Use the QR code of the stopover that you can find exclusively in the printed up-to-date España Discovery guide and access the host’s website to enjoy this España Discovery stopover.

More information about the España Discovery guide HERE.
Video by: La Gaviota Viajera -with Espana Discovery